Ming The Merciless

The female human I live with said she had always wanted a Siamese, so when they had a vacancy in their household, she watched watched Petfinder until she found the perfect kitten: me. I was at the Rescue Farm and the humans drove 110 miles to a Petco adoption day to see me and bring me home. Of course, it was love at first sight. Who could resist me?

Upon arriving at my new home, the humans introduced me to the resident black cat -- Ferrari -- who expressed her pleasure at seeing me by making loud hissing noises. You can see a picture of our meeting here. The humans decided that she might like me better if they gave me a bath so here I am after the soaking, doing my best to show the humans why they shouldn't do this to me again.

If you click here you can see a larger picture of me demonstrating my mutant Siamese powers. Yes, all Siamese eyes reflect red, but don't I look like a Ming the Merciless?

The humans proposed many names for me which I dismissed as insufficient for someone of my obvious supremacy. While Ming the Merciless is normally associated with Flash Gordon, I note that Sir Menzies Campbell is sometimes called Ming because his name in the original Scottish was pronounced MING-iss rather than the phonetic Men-zees. He and Sir Robert Menzies, the Australian Prime Minister, were given the nicknames, Ming the Merciless, by the press. Since my female human is descended from the Scots-Irish Means, which is a Sept of the Menzies clan, I decided that Ming the Merciless was a good title for me since I will -- after all -- eventually rule over them.

More pictures and commentary will follow once I've had a chance to settle into my new home and declare my supremacy over the other cat and the humans in the household. I've already staked out the best place in the house as my daytime sleeping spot. It's merely a matter of time until I rule over all.

December 20, 2006 update: The foolish female human has been teaching me to beg. Little does she realize that it is I who am teaching her to feed me upon demand. The human is also foolishly doing this in front of her computer monitor, which means I can now do my little trick in front of the montior and frustrate her by blocking her view until she feeds me. Silly human. Click click here to see my deceptive little performance.

Here I am in January, growing larger and ever more adorable and clever. I am Ming, hear me roar, I'm growing too big to ignore. I am taking over the human bed, catching a little sleep under the pillow. I have exhausted the older cat and taken over her preferred sleeping spaces, both morning and nighttime. I do, however, allow her to sleep on the human feeder since the spot in front of the picture screen is so much more comfortable... and closer to the food.

In February, I learned how to knit and how to work effectively on electronics. I can hardly wait until Spring to see what I accomplish next.

My first Spring! It's a wonderful time of the year. The old, grouchy female cat continues to despise and fear me. I've done my best to buddy up to her by leaping out and pouncing on her when she least expects me, chasing her from her favorite sleeping places, and and eating out of her food bowl after I finish eating all the food in mine. Still, she continues to avoid me. Click here to see a picture of the two of us, carefully separated on the window seat, window shopping. The old one tells me that these are birds and that they exist solely as fun food for cats. When the weather is warmer, she tells me, she will be allowed to go outside and hunt them. She used to go to this marvelous place called outside all the time before I arrived and she blames me for not being allowed out.

I have finally managed to make friends with one cat in the household, although I note the stupid thing just sits there and never moves, never plays, and falls to the floor below whenever I swat it. Click here to see a picture of me and my grinning friend.

May 20, 2007 update: I have developed into the most beautiful Siamese cat in the known universe and it does not matter that I not predigreed. I am superior to all! Look at me now, using my mutant mind control powers to direct the humans to the Dilbert web site so I can learn more from my mentor, Catbert. These humans are so easy to manipulate!

June 8, 2007 update: I have succeeded in persauding the humans that they need to add a third cat so I will leave the old, black cat alone. At last! I've achieve my objective of acquiring a slave. Here's a picture of me telling the new guy how things work around here.