Simon Illyan

I was living happily in the basement of my foster mom's house with over a dozen other kittens when a couple of people showed up with a cat carrier and adopted me from the Southside Animal Shelter and put me in charge of cat security in their home. Explicitly, I'm supposed to keep Ming, from harassing Ferrari.

Here's a picture of me in my own private room, isolated from the other cats. Later, they introduced me to the other cats and while Ferrari hissed at me and made it clear that I'm supposed to leave her alone, Ming welcomed me gladly. Well... I think it was a welcome. She pinned me down in a big bear hug and kissed me with her teeth. See this and this. I showed her how much I liked her by playing with her tail.

The humans have an odd habit of taking long cat naps during the dark hours. Here I am, trying to play hide and seek with the female human while she's asleep. These humans don't wake up very easily. See how much trouble I'm having getting her awake? Once I finally get her up, however, she likes to sit in front of some kind of television with a keyboard and I sit on her lap.

I've learned many things since arriving. Here I am checking out stuff on e-bay. One-click purchasing at Amazon is really easy.

I'm growing and Ming and I are the best of friends now. Here she is, giving me a little love bite.

The most fun thing to do, however, is to sleep with the humans. There are just so many fun positions you can get into with the human head and if you do it well enough, the humans get out of bed and give you food. Here, Ferrari and I are posing for the camera after staking our claim to our human after she's fallen asleep. Here, I am snuggled in for the night next to the morning feeder.Here, you can see an example of my "wake up NOW! and feed me" technique. Or look here for a different angle on that manuever. When all else fails, follow the example here, and here, to snuggle up next to the human's ear and purr as loudly as you can.