DUNN 2 Bathrooms Update

Last update 6/1/2016

An update of the downstairs half-bath and the upstairs full bath.

I am tracking our bathroom upgrades, partially to keep my non-financial records in one place.

We've lived in a home we had built 25 years ago and at the time, we were focused on function and cost with little attention to style. Fast forward to today and I've spent far too much time watching HGTV while exercising at the Hancock Wellness Center and with retirement, I began to think about making the home a more pleasant environment.

First, I scheduled the countertop replacements so we could have under the counter sinks. In retrospect, it might have been more practical to buy new cabinets. However, I made a trip to Home Depot and selected 2 different types partially because I cannot visualize and thus this will make the choice for the master bedroom bathroom easier when we reach that point.

First, I removed items from the walls and discovered one should never, ever use liquid nail along with screws and wall anchors to attach a magazine rack to the wall. Obvioiusly, drwall replacement will be included now in the update plans. Hole in Wall

Note that this magazine rack cannot be used again because that drywall is NOT coming off. Hole in Wall

We will not discuss what the library and living room look like at the moment as they've become the "staging area" for everything that is going on in the kitchen.

The countertop installation date will be June 9. In the meantime, I have purchased flooring for the downstairs bathroom only and have scheduled an estimate for some work on the cabinets.

Here is a before photo of the downstairs bathroom south wall:

Downstairs Bath South Side

Here is a before photo of the upstairs north wall:

Bathroom North Side