Note: I found these records on typewritten pages among my mother's possessions about 2008 with no indication who had originally written these. Since then, I've learned they were compiled by Herb Curry of Greenfield, Indiana, who was a member of the Eden High School Class of 1950.

My father, Carl W. Basey, was a member of the Eden Flyers. He is shown in the picture here in the team that won the 1937 county tournament.


Eden High School’s first basketball team was organized in the winter of 1918-1919, after high school boys cut poles from a nearby woods and nailed hoops to them. It was a primitive beginning to what was to later bring many exciting, happy moments to the Green Township community.

There is no record o the wins and losses of that first season, nor of all the members of that first team. Eden played Acton in its first sectional tournament game at Tomlinson Hall in Indianapolis in March, 1919, but the result was not reported.


More is known about the following year, the 1919-1920 season. Playing their games outside or in a small makeshift gyms in nearby communities, Eden won several games in its second season, including two victories over Maxwell, one over Westland and another over Markleville. Kennard and Charlottesville defeated Eden during the season. Eden lost to Greenfield 21-8 in the first Hancock County Tourney played in the old Fortville Opera House on Saturday, February 21, 1920. Nine games were played in one day, and the host Fortville team won the title. Eden was eliminated by Manilla in the 1920 Sectional Tourney at Rushville. The Rushville gym was so cold that one Eden player wore an overcoat to shoot baskets before the game. Some of the players on that 1919-20 Eden team included Gerald Huey, Ralph Frank, John Elsbury, Floyd Alford, Paul Jarrett, Chester Jarrett, Jim Piper, Forest Baker, Ralph Ward and Earl Archer. Several of the same players were also members of the 1918-19 team. Bayard Cox was Principal and also served as coach. Grant Cooper became coach at Eden for the 1920-21 season, but there is no information available as to the season record or scores. Charlottesville eliminated Eden in the 1921 County tournament, 16-5.


Despite the fact that Eden had no high school gymnasium until 1924, some of the early Eden teams were highly successful. The team of 1921-22 won 12 of 21 games played, including a victory over Charlottesville in the Anderson Sectional tourney before being eliminated by Elwood. The following season Eden won the 1923 Hancock County Tourney – an outstanding accomplishment considering the team had no gym. Eden stopped Maxwell in the first round 18-13 defeated Mt. Comfort 26-15 in the semi-final and took the title by downing Wilkinson 16-6 in the championship game. Members of the 1923 County Championship team were Earl Archer, Chester Jarrett, Clyde Rothermel, Nole Apple, Floyd Rash, Milford Roberts, Earl Bainter, Floyd Elsbury and Jesse Rash. J. H. Hendrickson coached the Eden team in the 1921-22 season, and his brother, H.K. Hendrickson coached the County Champions during the 1922-23 season, as well as the 1923-24 and 1924-25 teams. H.K, Hendrickson’s 1923-24 team won 13 and lost 7, giving him a 27-13 record in his first two seasons at Eden.


Gerald Huey, who succeeded Hendrickson as coach and held the position two years, was handicapped by lack of boys in high school during the 1925-26 and 1926-27 seasons. At one point, in the 1926-27 year, there were only seven boys in the four grades of high school, and six played basketball. Still, Eden managed to win five mages that year. Francis Landrus was hired as Principal and Coach at Eden for the 1927-28 season, but died in a tragic car-train accident in early October before the basketball season opened. Floyd Alford then became coach for the 1927-28 year. Alford coached the High School team only one year, but produced a number of outstanding Junior High teams in later years.


Floyd A. Hines arrived as coach and Principal at Eden High School in 1928-29 and continued in that post for five seasons, through 1932-33. During this time Hines had two excellent teams—the 1929-30 team which won 19 and lost 5 and the 1931-32 team which had a 17-7 record including a Hancock County Tourney championship. Hines’ 1929-30 team was the winningest at Eden up to that point, losing only one regular season game, with the other four setbacks coming in the County, Sectional and Markeville Invitational tournaments. Eden captured the 1932 County Tourney title by defeating Maxwell 15-9, Fortville 22-16 and Westland 28-22 in the championship game. Members of that championship team included: Carl Holliday, Earl Savill, Hiram Titus, Raymond Titus, Lowell Wicker, Raymond Sargent, Jim Spegal, Richard McCord, Hubert Wicker, Paul Doughty, Paul Jones and Donald Martin. Hines’ teams won 62 games during the five years he coached the Flyers.


James a. Clements was named coach at Eden for the 1933-34 season, and held that position for five years, through the 1937-38 school year. Clements’ teams won more games than any other coach, chalking up 66 victories during that time. His 1936-37 team was one of the school’s best, with a record of 19-5 which included a Hancock County Tourney championship. The Flyers breezed through the title game from Mt. Comfort 29-20. Members of that county championship squad were Ed Dunlavy, Melvin O’Neal, Harold Rothermel, Walter Lowder, Carl Basey, Glen Snider, Wayne Bennett, Herb Collingwood, Robert Murfin and Robert Bodkins. Clements’ 1935-36 and 1937-38 teams both finished with identical 13-10 season records, including tourney competition.


The new coach at Eden for the 1938-39 season was John D. Blacker, who was to stay at the school for six years—the longest of any of the 16 coaches through the years at Eden. Blacker’s two most successful seasons were his first year, 1938-39 when his team won 12 and lost 5, and his last year, 1943-44, when the Flyers won 15 and lost 4, including a County Tourney title. Prior to the 1943-44 county championship season, Blacker’s 1940-41, 1941-42 and 1942-43 teams each finished with identical 10-9 records. His 1942-43 team, with there and sometimes four Freshmen in the startling lineup, was the Greenfield Sectional runner-up, winning over Mt. Comfort and Wilkinson before being sidelined by Greenfield in the finale. Eden took the four-game route in winning the 1944 County Tourney, with victories over Wilkinson 42-30, McCordsville 38-20, Fortville 30-17 and Maxwell 46-35 in the final game. Members of the 1943-44 county champs included: Gene O’Neal, Bob martin, Keith Spegal, Jim Fair, Tom Brooks, Sam Martin, Keith Snider, Max Moore, Dale Wolf and Raymond Brizendine. The 1943-44 season was a preview of great things to come at Eden.

THE GLORY YEARS OF 1944-45 AND 1945-46

With the arrival of coach Max H. Weddle at Eden High School in the 1944-45 season, the Flyers dominated Hancock County basketball for the next two years. The glory days that followed brought the school two Greenfield Sectional tourney championships and one Hancock County tourney title, along with an overall record of 45 wins in 48 games, including Regional competition. These years were also highlighted by almost unbelievable scoring records and a winning streak of 23 consecutive games—a mark that still stands today as the most consecutive games ever won by a Hancock County team. The Eden teams of 1944-45 and 1945-46 were once-in-a-generation teams; the kind that coaches dream about. In an era when scores were low and a different style of basketball was played, the Flyers continuously chalked up fantastic scores on hapless opponents week after week.


In the early years of 1944-45 and 1945-46, a team that scored a point-a-minute could usually count on winning most of its games, as 32 points was not a bad offensive score at that time. The Flyers, however, devastated their opponents by crushing such teams as Charlottesville 109-32, Maxwell 81-21, Westland 89-21, Fishers 70-19, Mt. Comfort 53-15, Wilkinson 61-19, McCordsville 50-17 and Fortville 64-28. And, if they didn’t produce 50 to 55 points and win the game by a margin of 30, they simply had a bad night. The 109-32 win over Charlottesville in 1945 stood for more than 20 seasons as the highest total ever amassed by a Hancock County team. Individually, Gene O’Neal hit a record 47 points in the lopsided win over Charlottesville and Bob Martin had 37 in the same game. In the Westland game, Eden scored an amazing 41 points in the third quarter. The Flyers of 1944-45 and 1945-46 were big and fast, possessed a keen shooting eye and natural ability. The starting five and the sixth man had played together for six years and compiled a 20-1 record, including two county tourney championships in their junior high days. Gene O’Neal, Bob Martin, Keith Spegal, Keith Snider and Jim Fair usually comprised the starting five, which along with Tom Brooks, Max Moore, Raymond Brizendine, Harry Johnson, Alson Turner, Bus Heiden, Bud Adams, Gene Barrett, Gene Foster and Hubert Albea, swept aside opponents for two seasons.


Eden’s only loss, other than in regional competition, in the 1944-45 and 1945-46 seasons was a one-point game to New Palestine in the championship game of the 1945 County Tourney, which occurred after two Eden players were unable to finish the game because of leg cramps. The Flyers, however, avenged the loss when they hammered new Palestine by a 20-point margin to win their first Greenfield Sectional title. Eden never had a close game in capturing the 1945 Sectional, winning from McCordsville 40-27, Greenfield 43-28 and Wilkinson 61-30 before thumping the Dragons 58-38 in the final game. The Flyers battled Broad Ripple even for three quarters, but the Rockets pulled away to win 50-39 in the afternoon game of the Anderson Regional. Broad Ripple came within a whisker of winning the state title, falling to state champ Evansville Bosse by two points in the afternoon game of the state finals. Eden had no trouble in winning the 1946 Hancock County Tourney and repeating as Greenfield Section champs. The Flyers more than doubled the score on their three victims in the County Tourney, defeating Wilkinson 45-22 and Charlottesvile 37-18 before downing Fortville in a stall-type championship game 19-7. Eden hit five of six field goal attempts and sank a perfect nine of nine from the free throw line in the final game.


Ranked fourth in the state shortly before the sectional tourney, Eden became “The People’s Choice” to win the 1946 state title. The Flyers breezed through the sectional, winning over New Palestine 51-28, Maxwell 50-27 and Fortville 41-23 but saw their bubble burst when they were eliminated by the Anderson Indians, who went on to win the state tourney, in regional play. There were only 22 boys to select varsity and reserve teams from those years. Twenty of them played basketball, one was a student manager and the other was a cheerleader. The Eden domination was in the hey-day of Hancock County basketball when 10 county teams battled for the sectional crown at Greenfield. With all the consolidations, never again will a tiny school of 45 students in the upper four grades ever capture the basketball spotlight of Central Indiana like the Eden Flyers of 1944-45 and 1945-46.


In the 1946-47 season V.S. Carlson served as coach at Eden and was to be the first of four coaches in six years at the school. The team of 1946-47 posted a 13-8 season record and was runner-up in the Hancock County tourney, falling to Fortville in the title game. The new coach for the 1947-48 season was Alvy Havens who remained as coach of the Flyers through the 1949-50 year. Havens’ best team was the 1949-50 squad which won 11 and lost 9. Robert Wampler coached the Flyers during the 1950-51 season, and was succeeded by B.L. (Bonnie) Smith who was coach for the 1951-52 year.


Eden became a county basketball power again with the arrival of Orvis Burdsall in the 1952-53 season. Although he remained at Eden only two years, the former Butler University basketball star guided the Flyers to a 14-7 mark his first season and a 17-4 record—the best in the county—the following year. Paul Bradford kept Eden’s winning ways intact as he coached the last Eden Flyers team to a sparkling 19-5 record in 1954-55. Eden was runner-up to Wilkinson in the 1954 and 1955 county tourney championship games. The 1954-55 season was the final year for Eden High School basketball, closing out a winning tradition that began in the early 1920s and leaving a lot of great memories. The final three years at Eden High School were among the most successful in its history, and produced the best winning records since the great teams of 1944-45 and 1945-46. Eden teams coached by Burdsall and Bradford combined to post a record of 50 wins against 16 losses in those lst three seasons. Members of the last Eden Flyers team of 1954-55 were: Bob Kinnaman, Richard Albea, Richard Elsbury, Normal Elsbury, Leon Sigler, Bill traut, Bruce Filson, Max Fraley, Tony Olive, Bill Elliott and John Shull.


After Maxwell High School was destroyed by fire in the spring of 1955, Eden and Maxwell consolidated in the fall of that year, and the Eden Flyers and the Maxwell Lions became the Hancock Central Panthers. Former Eden Coach Paul Bradford took the best of two very good teams and compiled a great record in 1955-56. This first Hancock Central team won the county Tourney, the Sectional Tourney and the afternoon game of the Indianapolis Regional, defeating Danville 64-45. The Panthers were eliminated in the Regional finale by a great Crispus Attucks team led by Oscar Robertson. Another consolidation in the fall of 1969 merged Hancock Central and Greenfield in the present Greenfield Central High School. Thus, high school basketball players in Green Township who many years ago would have been members of the Eden Flyers are now part of the Greenfield Central Cougars.


Best Reserve Team
In addition to the Eden varsity’s outstanding unbeaten regular season record in 1945-46, the Eden reserves also had the best record of any reserve team in the school’s history that year. The Eden reserves won 16 games and lost only one—that being a one-point loss to Fishers. The reserves and varsity teams combined to win 39 of 40 games for that season.

County Reserve Champs

Eden won the 1954 Hancock County Reserve Team tourney by defeating Wilkinson 37-28 in the championship game. The Eden team was coached by Orvis Burdsall, and the title game was played as a curtain raiser to the varsity championship game. It was one of the few county reserve team tourneys ever held.

Girls High School Teams

Eden was represented by girls high school basketball teams for several seasons, beginning in 1923-24. That first Eden girls team won 5 games, lost 3, and one ended in a tie. The season included a 13-0 win over Fortville and an 11-2 victory over Greenfield. The 1923-24 team was coached by Gladys Hendren. Players included Mary Keller, Rosella Kellermeyer, Reba Raymer, Inez Alford, Martha Jackson, Isadora Raymer, Mildred Orr, Adah Barrett and Lottie Selby.

Players Return to Coach

Two former Eden High School basketball players returned to become coaches at Eden after their school days. Gerald Huey and Floyd (Judy) Alford, who were teammates on early teams at Eden, both later became coach of the Flyers. Huey served as coach for two seasons, in 1925-26 and 1926-27, while Alford coached one year, the 1927-28 season.

Floyd (Judy) Alford

Floyd (Judy) Alford was a big part of Eden school for most of the years that basketball was played at Eden. Although he coached only one high school team, he was a highly successful junior high teacher and coach. Much of the credit for developing players for high school teams at Eden goes to Alford who saw many of his eighth graders become members of the high school varsity the following year. He produced some outstanding junior high teams and won county tournaments in 1941, 1942 and 1949. His unbeaten 1941-42 team compiled an 11-0 record and outscored their opponents 401-101 for an average game margin of 36-9. Judy Alford’s entire career was at Eden, where he did more than teach and coach. He was the unofficial Dean of Boys in junior high, he was the bus driver to the basketball games, kept score for the high school games, scouted other teams, and organized some great pep sessions. He retired in 1953.

Coaches Who Were Outstanding Players

Some of the Eden High School coaches were former college and high school basketball players who knew all about winning honors. J. D. Blacker played on the 1913 and 1914 Indiana state champion teams at Wingate High School. Blacker may well have been the only coach in Hancock County to have played on two state championship teams. Orvis Burdsall was a basketball star and leading scorer for the Butler University Bulldogs before he started his highly successful coaching career at Eden in 1952-53. Alvy Havens played college basketball at Ball State University in the mid-1930s.

College Players

Some Eden High School players went on to play for area college teams after graduation. Gene O’Neal, a member of the 1943-44-45-46 teams, played varsity basketball at Butler University. Keith Spegal and Tom Brooks, teammates of O’Neal, played at Anderson College, as did Bill Heiden, who played at Eden in 1939-40-41.

The Dope Bucket

Eden High School kept the traveling Hancock County “dope bucket” in its possession frequently during the many seasons the trophy existed. The “Dope Bucket,” which originated in the 1930-31 season, enhanced the basketball rivalries among county teams, as the team in possession added a link for each win over another county team. An article in the Greenfield Daily Reporter in January, 1934 stated that “Eden is the only school witch has had the bucket in its possession since it has been in circulation, and Eden has 14 links in the chain, the most of any school.” Wilkinson was second to Eden at that time with 8 links.

The Longest Game

Eden teams played in many overtime games throughout the years, but the all-time thriller was a four-overtime contest in the 1931 sectional tourney. Coach Floyd Hines’ Flyers beat Greenfield 23-21 in the marathon second round tourney game, which was the longest ever for an Eden High School team.

Winning Seasons

Eden High School traditionally produced winning basketball teams, and enjoyed more than 20 winning seasons during the years that basketball was played at the school. Highlighting the winning seasons were the 23-1 year of 1945-46 and the 22-2 team of 1944-45. The Flyers posted 19-5 records three different years, in 1929-30, in 1936-37 and 1954-55. During a 12-year period, from 1935-36 through 1946-47, every year except one was a winning season. Eden was, by far, Hancock County’s winningest high school team during that stretch, with no county team coming close to approaching the Flyers’ 165 victories against 87 losses—winning more than 65% of all games—including tournament competition.



Best season record:
Won 23, Lost 1; 1945-46 season

Best record fr two consecutive seasons:
Won 45, Lost 3; 1944-45 and 1945-46 seasons

Best record for three consecutive seasons:
Won 60, Lost 7; 1943-44, 1944-45 and 1945-46 seasons

Most team points for one season:
1,402 (58.4 points per game average); 1954-55 season

Most team points for one game:
109; against Charlottesville, 1944-45 season

Most team points for two consecutive games:
198, against Charlottesville and Westland, 1944-45 season

Most decisive win:
77 points, Eden 109 Charlottesville 32; 1944-45 season

Longest winning streak:
23 consecutive games; November 1, 1945 to March 3, 1946

County tournament championships:
Five: 1923, 1932, 1937, 1944 and 1946

Sectional tournament championships:
Two: 1945 and 1946

Most team field goals in one game:
47; against Charlottesville, 1944-45 season

Most team free throws in one game:
21; against Wilkinson, 1945-46 season


Most points for four seasons:
1,004; Gene O’Neal, 1942-43, 1943-44, 1944-45 and 1945-46

Most points for one season:
349; Gene O’Neal, 1944-45

Most points for one game:
47; Gene O’Neal, against Charlottesville, 1944-45

Most points for two consecutive games:
66; Gene O’neal, against Charlottesville and Westland, 1944-45

Most points by two players in one game:
84; Gene O’Neal, 47 and Bob Martin, 37, against Charlottesville, 1944-45

Most individual feield goals in on e game:
20; Gene O’neal, against Charlottesville, 1944-45

Most Individual free throws in one game:
11; Leon Sigler, against McCordsville 1954-55 and Dick Raymer, against Charlottesville, 1949-50


Max H. Weddle, two seasons (1944-45 and 1945-46) Won 45, Lost 3
Orvis Burdsall, two seasons (1952-53 and 1953-54) Won 31, Lost 11
Paul Bradford, one season (1954-55) Won 19, Lost 5
H.K. Hendrickson, three seasons (1922-23 thru 1924-25) Won 38, Lost 24
James A. Clements, five seasons (1933-34 thru 1937-38) Won 66, Lost 51
John D. Blacker, six seasons 91938-39 thru 1943-44) Won 62, Lost 51
Floyd A. Hines, five seasons (1928-29 thru 1932-33) Won 62, Lost 57


The 10 best season records of all the Eden Flyers teams, with scores of each game, appear on the following pages.

These outstanding seasons include some of the tournament championship teams as well as some that didn’t win a title but which had excellent won and lost records. These 10 best team records are based on winning percentages, rathr than the total number of wins during a season. All of these teams wona t least 70% of their season games, including tourney competition.

Teams from four decades are represented, including the seasons of 1922-23, 1929-30, 1931-32, 1936-37, 1938-39, 1943-44, 1944-45, 1945-46, 1953-54, and 1954-55.


Mt. Comfort 27, Eden 26
Eden 24, Westland 13
Eden 30, Maxwell 16
Eden 22, Wilkinson 12
McCordsville 17, Eden 14
Eden 18, Greenfield 14
Eden 19, Fortville 18
Eden 35, Charlottesville 17
Mt. Comfort 28, Eden 18
Eden 25, Westland 17
Eden 27, Charlottesville 16
Eden 22, Wilkinson 14

County Tourney

Eden 18, Maxwell 13
Eden 26, Mt. Comfort 15
Eden 16, Wilkinson 6 (Championship)

New Palestine 35, Eden 14
Eden 24, Maxwell 16
McCordsville 29, Eden 23
Eden 30, New Palestine 15

Sectional Tourney
Mt. Comfort 27, Eden 21

Won 14, Lost 6 -- .700 Pct.

Coach – H. K. Hendrickson

Players: Earl Archer, Floyd Rash, Noble Apple, Milford Roberts, Clyde Rothermel, Chester Jarrett, Earl Bainter, Jesse Rash, Floyd Elsbury


Eden 35, McCordsville 24
Eden 50, New Lisbon 9
Eden 34, Fortville 25
Eden 36, Charlottesville 23
Eden 21, Maxwell 13
Eden 33, Markleville 25
Eden 32, Oaklandon 27
New Palestine 28, Eden 21
Eden 27, McCordsville 24
Eden 29, Charlottesville 24
Eden 43, Milton 30
Eden 31, Markleville 29
Eden 31, Fortville 23

County Tourney

Maxwell 31, Eden 26

Markleville Invitational

Lapel 30, Eden 23
St. Mary’s 25, Eden 20

Eden 33, Maxwell 25
Eden 25, Westland 21
Eden 26, St. mary’s 25
Eden 30, Wilkinson 21
Eden 50, New Lisbon 20
Eden 28, Westland 17

Sectional Tourney

Eden 23, McCorsdville 15
Wilkinson 26, Eden 20

Won 19, Lost 5 -- .792 Pct.

Coach – Floyd Hines

Players – Carl Orr, Oak Snider, Carl Spegal, Lowell Wicker, Roert Curtis, Carl Holliday, Glen Holliday, Marvin Kessler, Earl Savill



Mt. Comfort 14, Eden 11
McCordsville 21, Eden 14
Eden 25. Westland 21
Eden 25, Maxwell 9
Eden 18, Pendleton 14
Greenfield 32, Eden 22
Eden 25, Oaklandon 17
Eden 25, Fortville 19
Eden 9, Milton 7
Eden 28 New Palestine 18
Eden 27, Charlottesville 23
Eden 21, McCordsdville 13
Eden 23, Wilkinson 21
Eden 44, Charlottesville 22

County Tourney

Eden 15, Maxwell 9
Eden 22, Fortville 16
Eden 28, Westland 22 (Championship)

Eden 28, Maxwell 16
Westland 28, Eden 12
Markleville 23, Eden 20
Eden 24, New Castle Reserves 23
Eden 21, Fortville 16
Wilkinson 25, Eden 22

Sectional Tourney

Westland 29, Eden 16

Won 17, Lost 7 -- .708 Pct

Coach – Floyd Hines

Players: Lowell Wicker, Earl Savill, Hiram Titus, Carl Holliday, Raymond Sargent, Jim Spegal, Richard McCord, Herbert Wicker, Paul Doughty, Raymond Titus, Paul Jones, Donald Martin


Eden 24, McCordsville 13
Eden 25, Sandusk 16
Eden 38, Middletown 33
Eden 22, Lawrence 21
Eden 29, Mt. Comfort 19
Eden 43, New Palestine 27
Charlottesvile 15, Eden 14
Kennard 39, Eden 25
Maxwell 33, Eden 31
Eden 35, Wilkinson 14
Eden 36, Middletown 33 (ot)

County Tourney

Eden 31, Wilkinson 21
Eden 37, Charlottesville 20
Eden 29, Mt. Comfort 20 (Championship)

Eden 36, Wilkinson 33
Eden 30, Westland 18
McCordsville 37, Eden 34 (ot)
Eden 43, Sulphyur Springs 21
Eden 32, Oaklandon 11
Eden 27, Fortville 25
Eden 43, Westland 21
Eden 40, Charlottesville 30
Eden 34, Maxwell 26

Sectional Tourney

Fortville 25, Eden 22

Won 19, Lost 5 -- .792 Pct.
Coach – James A. Clements

Players: Melvin O’Neal, Ed Dunlavy, Harold Rothermel, Walter Lowser, Carl Basey, Glen Snider, Wayne Bennett, herb Collingwood, Robert Murfin, Robert Bodkins


Eden 38, McCordsville 21
Eden 22, Wilkinson 21
Eden 36, Markleville 26
Lawrence 43, Eden 29
Eden 38, Mt. Comfort 19
Eden 40, New Palestine 25
Eden 29, Westland 23
Eden 33, Charlottesville 31
Markleville 41, Eden 16
Eden 32, Wilkinson 29

County Tourney

Eden 35, New Palestine 24
Fortville 26, Eden 21

Eden 37, Fortville 31
Eden 46, McCordsville 19
Charlottesville 26, Eden 23
Eden 29, Maxwell 23

Sectinal Tourney
Charlottesville 33, Eden 26

Won 12, Lost 5 - .706 Pct.

Coach John D. Blacker
Players: Harold Rothermel, Robert Mrufin, Robert Bodkin, Normal Edwards, Floyd Raymer, Wayne Bennett, bill Snider, herb Collingwood, Gene Pope, Carl Edwards, Bert Bennett


Eden 53, McCordsville 28
Eden 27, Wilkinson 20
Eden 40, Mt. Comfort 21
Eden 29, Kennard 28
Eden 29, New Palestine 26
Eden 46, Charlottesville 42
Eden 49, Markleville 46
Eden 37, Maxwell 35
Wilkinson 36, Eden 31
Eden 39, Fortville 31

County Tourney

Eden 42, Wilkinson 30
Eden 38, McCordsville 20
Eden 30, Fortville 17
Eden 46, Maxwell 35 (Championship)

Eden 37, mcCordwville 25
Moral Twp. 46, Eden 32
Eden 38, Westland 20
Maxwell 38, Eden 26

Sectional Tourney

Fortville 33, Eden 31

Won 15, Lost 4 - .789 Pct.

Coach – John D. Blacker
Players Gene O’Neal, Bob Martin, Keith Spegal, Jim Fair, Tom Brooks, Sam Martin, Keith Snider, Max Moore, Dale Wolf and Raymond Brizendine


Eden 53, McCordsville 34
Eden 44, Wilkinson 16
Eden 51, Fishers 18
Eden 53, mt. Clomfort 15
Eden 37, Kennard 31
Eden 40, new Palestine 29
Eden 47, Charlottesvile 17
Eden 34, Markleville 24
Eden 81, Maxwell 21
Eden 61, Wilkinson 19
Eden 37, Fortville 30

County Tourney
Eden 49, Westland 36
Eden 44, Maxwell 29
New Palestine 39, Eden 38 (Finals)

Eden 50, McCordsville 17
Eden 42, moral Twp 26
Eden 89, Westland 21
Eden 109, Charlottesville 32
Eden 53, Maxwell 16

Sectional Tourney
Eden 40, McCordsville 27
Eden 43, Greenfield 28
Eden 61, Wilkinson 30
Eden 58, new Palestine 38 (Championship)

Regional Tourney
Broad Ripple 50, Eden 39

Won 22, Lost 2 - .917 Pct.
Coach Max Weddle
Players Gene O’Neal, Bob Martin, Keith Spegal, Keith Snider, Jim Fair, Tom Brooks, Max Moore, Raymond Brizendine, Harry Johnson, Alson Turner, Bud Adams


Eden 62, Wilkinson 26
Eden 2, Greenfield 26
Eden 70, Fishers 19
Eden 51, McCordsville 22
Eden 47, mt. Comfort 14
Eden 50, Kennard 41
Eden 41, New Palestine 18
Eden 26, Markleville 20
Eden 46, Maxwell 29
Eden 65, Wilkinson 43
Eden 64, Fortville 28

County Tourney

Eden 45, Wilkinson 22
Eden 37, Charlottesville 18
Eden 19, Fortville 7 (Championship)

Eden 39, McCordsville 28
Eden 60, Moral Twp. 41
Eden 45, St. Mary’s 32
Eden 66, Westland 20
Eden 60, spiceland 33
Eden 65, Maxwell 19

Sectional Tourney
Eden 51, new Palestine 28
Eden 50, Maxwell 27
Eden 41, Fortville 23 (Championship)

Regional Tourney
Anderson 51, Eden 33

Won 23, Lost 1 -- .958 Pct.

Coach – Max Weddle
Players Gene O’neal, Bob Martin, Keith Spegal, Keith Snider, Jim Fair, Tom Brooks, Bud Adams, Bus heiden, Gene Barrett, Hubert Albea, Gene Foster


Eden 57, Fishers 51
Eden 56, Summitville 53
Wilkinson 41, Eden 39
Eden 51, Mt. Comfort 43
Eden 67, McCordwville 57
Eden 54, Charlottesville 44
Eden 44, Cadiz 39
Eden 60, Maxwell 4
Eden 70, Daleville 65
Eden 69, McCordsville 47
Eden 65, New Palestine 40

County Tourney
Eden 41, Maxwell 20
Eden 59, Charlottesville 43
Wilkinson 43, Eden 41 (Finals)

Walnut Grove 49, Eden 42
Eden 56, Maxwell 47
Eden 58, mt. Comfort 45
Eden 72, Kennard 48
Eden 56, Kennard 48
Eden 56, Wilkinson 52

Sectional Tourney
Eden 73, McCordsville 42
Greenfield 50, Eden 48

Won 17, Lost 4 -- .810 Pct
Coach Orvis Burdsall
Players Richard Boden, bob Kinnaman, Richard Albea, Richard Taylor, Charles Albea, Richard Elsbury, Norm Elsbury, Leonard Sigler, Tony Olive, Rex Fraley


Fishers 65, Eden 47
Eden 57, Summitville 50
Eden 42, Mt. Comfort 33
Eden 70, McCordsville 56
Eden 81, Charlottesville 47
Eden 55, Wilkinson 42
Eden 73, Cadiz 57
Maxwell 52, Eden 50
Eden 70, Daleville 56
Fortville 70, Eden 55
Eden 53, new palestinie 48

County Tourney

Eden 46, Maxwell 38
Eden 53, Charlottesville 36
Wilkinson 50, Eden 37 (final)

Eden 55, Fishers 38
Eden 78, McCordsville 61
Eden 65, Scecina (Indianapolis) 58
Eden 54, Maxwell 48
Eden 60, Mt. Comfort 46
Eden 62, Kennard 47
Eden 50, Wilkinson 48

Sectional Tourney
Eden 57, McCordsville 53 (overtime)
Eden 79, Greenfield 53
Fortville 50, Eden 46

Won 19, Lost 5 -- .792 Pct.
Coach Paul Bradford
Players Richard Albea, Bob Kinnaman, bill Traut, Tony Olive, Normal Elsbury, Richard Elsbury, Bill Elliott, Bruce Filson Max Fraley, Leon Sigler, John Shull, James Reynolds


In addition to the 10 outstanding teams whose records appear on the precedinig pages, there were many other successful high school basketball seasons for Eden teams through the years.

Among these were the 1952-53 Flyers, coached by Orvis Burdsall, who won 14 of 21 season and tournament games for a two-thirds winning percentage of .667. The 1923-24 team of coach H. K. Hendrickson had a 13-7 record, and V.S. Carlson’s 1946-47 team went 13-8 for the year.

Eden teams which had winning seasons, and which won 10 or more games, included:

1952-53; Orvil Bursdall, coach: Won 14, Lost 7
1923-24; H. K. Hendrickson, coach: Won 13, Lost 7
1946-47; V.S. Carlson, coach: Won 13, Lost 8
1921-22; J. H. Hendrickson, coach: Won 12, Lost 9
1935-36; James A. Clements, coach: Won 13, Lost 10
1937-38; James A. Clements, coach: Won 13, Lost 10
1949-50; Alvy Havens, coach; Won 11, Lost 9
1940-41; John D. Blacker, coach: Won 10, Lost 9
1941-42; John D. Blacker, coach: Won 10, Lost 9
1942-43; John D. Blacker, coach: Won 10, Lost 9