Mt. Zion Church Records 1849-1896


From Mr. & Mrs. Paul W. Gregory

The information provided her was found among the records of Irene Basey. The letter is old and hand-typed and has been re-input into a computer for this format.


Mt. Zion Baptist Church was organized 30 Jun 1849 when a presbytery composed of Elders William Church and William Brown, finding a number of Christinas in the Mt. Zion area to be sound in teh faith and desirious to establish a church in that community, constituted the Body and named the organization Mt. Zion Baptist Churc. Members composing this organization were given off Stoney Fork Baptist Church and the Lewis Fork Baptist for this purpose. During the constitutional ceremony, Thomas Land and Wilson Fairchile served as spokesmen for this group.

Constituional Members

William Fairchield
Mary Land
Elizabeth Fairchield
Nancy Land
Mary Gray
Unicy Miller
Mary A. Triplett
John of color
Thomas Land
William Adkins
Jane Land
Sarah Adkins

Note: Thomas was ordained the second Saturday in July, 1850 by Elders Jacob Crouch and James McNeil.

First Officers
Elder William Church
Moderator and pastor
Wilson Fairchild
Church Clerk
Thomas Land