I've often compared writing to mountain climbing. It's easy to become discouraged and quit and it's easy to fall off if you're not careful. That fall becomes ever more perilous the higher you climb and yet there's something that keeps driving you to climb ever higher. When you reach the top and look around, you'll discover there's another mountain over there and a taller one yet on the other side. No matter how far or how high you climb, you can always find a greater challenge.

Writing, like climbing, is more about the effort than the destination. You never really reach the top. The challenge is in the journey.

Come follow me up this mountain and over the top to the one beyond.


December 25, 2016


This is not my first Christmas alone. I sometimes wonder how this would look if one of us died and there was a police investigation. They spent Christmas apart? Obviously we need to consider the possibility that this was a homicide.

Actually this works out fairly well for us. We had a family gathering yesterday with the boys fighting a nerf gun war in the garage behind all the boxes I'd saved. Greg worried about one of the cats disappearing and while we were looking for the cat, George slipped away and fell into the lake. What could have been a tragedy was funny only because it wasn't. We still can't figure out how he managed to get though at least 20 feet of tall weeds, thistles, etc. and down to the water. Fortunately, it's shallow there but he got a very thorough and cold drenching.

Today, I've been dusting off and re-creating my website. I've abandoned all hope on web tools so this page is a test. We’ll see how it goes and then maybe I'll have a permanent home for some of those knitting patterns that I'd like to share.