Blog Trial Run

This is a test of the RapidWeaver software. This is not the blog (or the drones) that you are seeking. Thus far, I've completed all the free tutorials but I'm having some problems figuring out where the software is storing the actual files and the main page is populating with items that are not showing in editing and which I did not put there, which are pointing to non-existent areas. Other than that, it's going fairly well. I've found I can code in bare HTML if desired but I cannot toggle between two different forms.

I am stuck with one type of document from start to finish and if I want to make a small change that requires HTML coding to bypass themes and other annoyances, I'm unable to do so.

For example, my face is showing up on every page although I'd prefer it only be on the main page and I be able to insert other photos on different pages. I hope there's a work around but I don't want to pay a monthly fee to access the forums and additional tutorials and I've not yet found a book on this software.

It's continuing to be "hit or miss" on this one.