Linda J. Dunn


Upon My Death


Please do not waste my hard-earned money stuffiing my remains into a metal box and placing it in the ground.

I consider it a waste of natural resources to preserve my body in that way and it prevents me returning to nature.

I will not need my body after I am dead. Give my eyes to someone else so that they may see. Give my heart and lungs to someone whose family longs to have them whole again. Recycle all my useable body parts to whoever may use them and if I mange to live so long that nothing is useable, then donate my body to any organization - charitable or for-profit - that can recycle it into something that contributes to the next generation.

Take any funds you would have used for my funeral and use them to insure all family members and friends who want to attend a memorial can afford to do so. Keep it small, private, and fun.

Celebrate my life, not my death. Remember me, please, for the few good things I have done and try to forget and forgive any unpleasantries and injuries I may have caused during life's journey.

If I should be one of the unlucky ones whose ending is such that I hover between life and death and require support to remain alive, please stop that support. I do not want my body kept alive after I have departed it. Artificial support explicitly includes force feeding if medical personnel agree that there is no hope of recovery.

I hope that it will never be necessary for someone I love to make the painful decision to let me go naturally and this is why I am explicitly stating in a very public manner that this is my request.

Let me live life to its fullest while I am alive and then let my body be recycled into something productive that will benefit others.

Funerals are for the living, not the dead. Have a party or a memorial service if you must, but do not waste precious resources disposing of my remains. If cremation is the only alternative, then recycle me into something useful or scatter my ashes in an environmentally safe way.

Thank you in advance for honoring my wishes.